Mormon Handcart Park

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The Mormon Handcart Park is home to a rich history as well as beautiful wildlife. This area was protected by the state of Iowa in 1976 to preserve its deep history and nature. The park features part of the Mormon Trail, which was used by over 70,000 Mormons making the trek from Ilinois to Utah.



This pollinator habitat is located on the border of Iowa City and Coralville, near the Ashton Prairie and the Hawkeye Recreation Fields.

Address: The University of Iowa, Hawkeye Ct, Iowa City, IA 52246


Pollinator Plants

The Mormon Handcart Park is a large nature preserve that is home to various wildlife. From prairie to thick woods, this park contains many different plants that help pollinators thrive. Some of these plants include:

  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Rosinweed