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RecycleMania 2017 Update

March 1 marks the halfway point of RecycleMania, and there are no signs of slowing down! Thanks to your efforts, we recycled or composted 67 percent and 57 percent of our waste for weeks one and two respectively! That’s over 157,800 pounds of materials diverted from the landfill!

The University of Iowa has ranked first and second in the Big Ten for the first two weeks of the competition! Nationally, we’ve come in 10th and 21st place out of 149 colleges and universities.

More 1,000 Hawkeyes have taken a pledge to recycle and participated in RecycleMania activities. If you haven’t yet participated in RecycleMania, there are still four more weeks of exciting activities. You can win a variety of prizes such as Downtown Association gift cards, mugs/tumblers, and the coveted RecyHawk Trophy for the building you represent!

Keep up the great work Hawkeyes!


  • Week 1 Individuals - Didrik L., Gary C., Jack N.
  • Week 1 RecyHawk Trophies - General Hospital, Burge (pictured above)
  • Week 2 Individuals - Madeline M., Tess D., Molly G.(pictured below)
  • Week 2 RecyHawk Trophies - Iowa Memorial Union, Slater
  • Week 3 Individuals – Melissa S., Drew F., Michelle M.
  • Week 3 RecyHawk Trophies – General Hospital, Hillcrest

2017 2 23 week 2 winner 

Recyclemania events yet to come:

  • Week 4 (February 26-March 4) – Take Charge of Your E-Waste. Attend a showing of “Death by Design” March 6
  • Wek 5 (March 5-11) – Taste Don’t Waste. Weigh your food waste March 8 at Hillcrest Marketplace
  • Week 6 (March 12-18) – Green Clean For Spring. Clean out your file folders, backpack, desk, or office
  • Week 7 (March 19-25) – Turn Trash to Treasure. Keep an eye out for upcycling activities (TBD).
  • Week 8 (March 26-April 1) – Get Caught Green Handed. RecycleManiacs will be on the lookout for people doing something “green” and will reward them with prizes.

Learn more about RecycleMania at the University of Iowa here and follow our Facebook page for helpful tips on how to recycle more and waste less.

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