Chelsea Cozad

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Real Food Challenge Project Intern

Chelsea is a third-year senior at the University, majoring in Environmental Science on the Bioscience track.  She believes that living sustainably is the the best way to ensure a brighter future where both humans and wildlife can exist in harmony together.  She is passionate about conservation, particularly in a highly disturbed ecosystem such as Iowa, where over 99% of the pre-European settlement landscape has been altered.


Chelsea is the current Real Food Challenge Project Intern,which involves researching the food purchased by the University and assessing the environmental impact of that food. The end goal is to implement new dining policies featuring food choices that are local, ecological, humane, and fair.  In addition to working on the Real Food Food Challenge Project, Chelsea has practiced land stewardship with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation and plans to continue restoring Iowa's natural landscapes by working with Bur Oak Land Trust after graduation.