Katarina O'Kulich

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Prairie Outreach Coordinator Intern

Katarina O'Kulich is a second year Anthropology student also pursuing a certificate in Sustainability. Katarina wants to work with the sustainable outdoor industry after college and is thrilled at the opportunity to learn more about how to protect and preserve our planet through her internship with the Office of Sustainability and the Environment (OSE). At the OSE, she is one of the prairie restoration interns. Her main role, however, has been to help certify the University of Iowa as a Bee Campus. As of recently, the University of Iowa has been approved to be a certified Bee Campus which Katarina is now helping to facilitate as a member of the Bee Campus committee. Katarina believes deeply in the importance of sustainability as the only way to continue living on our beautiful planet, and she believes every individual and every corporation has a vital responsibility to make sustainable decisions and sacrifices daily. If you have any questions about how to make your life more sustainable or how to get more involved with sustainability, as well as any questions about what it means for the University of Iowa to be a certified Bee Campus, Katarina is happy to chat with you and answer them!