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Let us help you share information about recycling and waste reduction with your followers, friends, and fans.  Download the graphics below and post them via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and any other social media platform you use to connect with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Downloadable Graphics

Supplemental Content - (Use as needed when sharing graphics via social networks)

 Recycle Like a Hawk Digital Display 1280x1280

No Plastic Bags 1280x1280

cardboard ban
  • The UI currently pays $47.50 to landfill one ton of waste.  Starting in 2018, if cardboard is found in our landfill waste, that fee will double to $95 per ton.  Help us minimize our landfill costs, recycle all of you cardboard.
  • Find out more about the cardboard ban.
flatten cardboard
  • Make room in the recycling bin so everyone can recycle!  Always flatten your cardboard!
  • Share the bin.  Always flatten your cardboard!
Pizza Box
  • Everyone loves pizza, but no one loves greasy pizza boxes.  Recycle clean boxes (e.g., no food or grease) in your regular recycling bin.  Tear off the lid for recycling if the box is greasy.
Dont Bag Recyclables
  • Keep your recyclables loose in the the recycling bin.  Plastic bags get tangled in the equipment at the sorting facility.
  • Watch this video about why plastic bags can't be recycled in our recycling bins on campus.
  • Find out where you can take plastic bags for recycling.