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Winter Warriors Biked 9,000 Miles in December

This December, 160 cyclists in the Iowa City/Coralville community  biking over 9,000 miles participated in the University of Iowa's Winter Warrior Challenge Nov. 28 to Dec.16.

The Winter Warrior Challenge is intended to encourage winter biking as a healthy, fun and environmentally-sound way to commute to work or class. The challenge is intended to show that you can bike in the winter if you take the necessary measures to do so.  But winter biking doesn't stop with the challenge-see these winter tips when planning rides. 

Results for the 2016 Winter Warrior Bike Challenge

Top 5:


Total Points


1) Jim Cremer


Weekend fat bike rental from World of Bikes

2) Duane Staskal


Tune-Up from Broken Spoke

3) Emily Ostby


Bike Library Jersey

4) Ruxton Smith


Planet Bike front and back light from Broken Spoke

5) Russell Buri


$25-30 value gloves and hand warmer from Active Endeavors

Consistent Rider Competition (8):Baylie Martin, Jay Geisen, John Heineman, Jeremy Bockholt, Lisa Miles, Madeline Ungs, Matthew Kieffer, Matthew Kressin

Most Encouraging Rider:Matthieu Biger
Photo Prize Winners: Madeline Ungs (pictured above), David Moser and Greg Schmidt

Santa Suit Bike Commute with NonMagical Reindeer DavidMoser3    First Snow Ride1 Greg Schmidt2


*U.S. Energy Information Administration (used conversion of about 18.95 lbs of CO2 for every gallon of gasoline); **EPA (used 1.06 mt CO2 / acre)



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