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Eco Hawks Tour Green Roof

On Friday Oct. 2, Eco Hawks gathered in the Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building (PBDB) to learn more about green roof initiatives on campus. The tour was lead by Darice Baxter, an environmental specialist for UI's Planning, Design and Construction Environmental Services.

"It's pretty, it still functions, and does what it was designed to do", Darice said in reference to the roof top at the PBDB. The University has two facilities incorporating green roof design, the PBDB as well as the Seamans Center. However, the Visual Arts Building, for which construction is still underway, plans on implementing green roofs in the design as well.

Green roofs assist in storm water management, provides insulation, mitigates energy consumption, reduces the urban heat island effect, and provides beauty to an otherwise concrete landscape.

For more information on the PBDB project see


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